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We started with Harvest because that's what we use. But we're listening. Tell us which time tracker, project manager, or invoicer you use and we'll start working on that next.

From Their Her His Commits to Your Timesheets and Invoices

Commit Harvester

Easier Time Tracking

  • You Need to Do Timesheets
  • Without Breaking Flow
    (context switching to log time has real costs)
  • Without Missing Work
    (every commit, on every repo, on any project)
  • Reviewable & Editable
    (review & refine timesheet entries in your time tracker)

By Process Your Commits

  • Your Commits Tell Your Story
  • What Happened
    (subject + note)
  • Who Did It and When
    (author + date)
  • Even Duration!
    (more deetails coming soon)
  • Even More Reason to Make Clear Commit Messages
    (and stop swearing in them)

You Can Make Better Invoices

  • The Only Good Invoice is a Paid Invoice!
  • More Details
    (show your customers what they're paying for)
  • Fewer Disputes
    (disputed invoices cost you real dollars)
  • Compare For Yourself:
    which inspires your confidence?
    Basic Invoice Coming Soon
    Detailed Invoice Coming Soon

Works with Git Repos


Project Mgrs & Time Trackers

Invoicing Tools


Don't see the tool you're looking for? Check out our roadmap and vote for your product or send us an email and we'll see about adding it.

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